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This is the offical page for the Space Engineers Group Survival Series. This will include information about episodes from the show on YouTube created by Captain Shack, Morphologis and W4stedspace.

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Group Survival follows the crew of the USS Constitution on their maiden voyage testing a new experimental jump drive. When the drive fails and sends the ship to an unknown planet in an unknown system, the crew are forced to abandon ship and take refuge on the planet. Of the ship's crew, there are only three known survivors: CaptainShack - the ship's captain and aeronautics expert, Morphologis, the scientist, designer, and programmer who invented the Duality Drive, and W4stedspace, the ship's engineer. They are joined planet-side by robotic assistants driven by AI, including recon probe R-5, a suit-based AI named TIUS, a faithful but addled mining drone named Potatoes, and the AI J.A.R.V.I.S. Season One follows the adventure of the survivors as they learn to survive in the hostile environment while seeking other members of the crew who may have survived. The current season (Season Two) picks up some time after Season One's conclusion and shows the fallout of its final moment.

Articles of Note:

List of Music: Much of the music in Season One and Season Two can be found at Epidemic Sound.

Vehicles: The full list of vehicles and machines (including AI units and drones) seen on camera.

Locations: List of various locations that have been part of the series

Where Are The New Episodes? Because this inevitably comes up quite often...

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